1. Getting out for a bit. Much needed!

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  3. I drew him an upper body and he is sassy!

  4. My patch just came in! I got it as a reminder of my survival as a domestic abuse victim. 2 years free coming in October. I still struggle with flash backs and nightmares but I was strong enough to get away and for that, I am proud!

  5. Who wants to go to work for me?! No one? Oh. OK. 😭

  6. My current point of view. Definitely no filter needed.

  7. hallonfrisk:

    the only selfie I took with the mohawk up at rebellion.

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    Burlesque Dancer, Pinup Model and Dance Teacher 

                   Linda Marraccini (Miss Dirty Martini)

                           Miss Exotic World 2004

    Babely babe

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  8. My day off so gonna go be a fatty with my obese partner in crime/niece woot!

  9. Having customizable characters is fucking awesome. #ithinkijizzedmypants

  10. All them ratchets better be done with their shopping! Cause I’m grumpy as hell and don’t feel like dealing with their rude ass’s today mhmmmm!

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  11. How I describe sales at work haha

  12. Looking like a witchy-poo today🌙